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    This is for Canadians only as we had a thread elsewhere on this forum about how Canadians are finding it very hard to buy apps online if they dont use VISA credit cards.

    Unlike Americans, we do not have debit cards with a VISA insignia on it, which allows you to use your debit card for Visa. Even those that do not use Visa themselves, can still purchase using the Visa part of their debit card but instead of paying for an item over many months, these people will have the full amount taken out of their account that day.
    But for those of us in Canada that dont use VISA, because we did not have the debit card abilities that the Americans do it made it 100% impossible for us to buy any apps for the TP unless you used PayPal.

    Just want to let those of you know that have commented earlier with the same problem, I just found out that the CIBC bank is now, just now, putting that VISA insignia on debit cards for all those that open new accounts there.

    I have spoken to the RBC (my bank) who told me they may never get this or at the very least its a long way off, so, I myself am opening up a bank account at CIBC tomorrow in order to make it much easier to buy apps online----let alone anything online.

    So, a RECAP--------for those CANADIANS that dont use VISA who cannot buy apps online for HP TouchPads, go open a bank account with the CIBC as they are NOW doing the same as the Americans, finally, and will be including VISA on all of their debit cards so you too will finally be able to buy apps at the store here (+ anywhere else) ;-)

    I was contacted by someone at the CIBC who saw the thread about CANADIANS who were not able to purchase apps, that did not use VISA and she gave me the info and told me to pass it on to the rest of you, so for now, our problems are solved ad this will make it easy to purchase apps after all!
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    Odd, I have no problem using my mastercard.

    But debit cards have always been extremely limited in what they can do, if i ever use mine these days its for banking or getting cash. Yes some debit cards now come with the "visa", thought CIBC had been doing that for a while actually, but its very uncommon and its honestly easier just to get a credit card.
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    Why not just buy one of those MasterCard or Visa gift cards?
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