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    I was wondering how hard it would be to make a patch to default to normal working hours, instead of the current time in Week View. In other words if I open the calendar at 3:00am, I want it to open showing 8am-5pm.

    Not a requirement for me, but it would be more universal for more people, if you could specify the specific start/end hours to display using the Tweaks interface.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djgardn2 View Post
    Thanks! I was just getting online to tell you that I figured it out as well. I also noticed that you modified the current time indicator, I just modified the scroll offset starting position variable. I am posting instructions so people could set them for whatever time they wanted so this is a bit more universal.

    For anyone that wants to set a default timeframe for the Weekly Calendar View:
    Using Internalz, browse to /usr/palm/applications/
    Open the file: WeekView.jsjsjs
    Scroll to the very bottom and locate the SECOND TO LAST line of text that should look as follows:

    var top = dayHours [currentHour].hasNode();

    Change the text "currentHour" to be the hour that you want the View to start with. Use 24hour time format so 2pm would be 14. The line should now look as follows for 8am.

    var top = dayHours [8].hasNode();

    Save the file and restart Luna.

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