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    as It says, where are the bank apps? I love my touchpad and I can access my Account, but I would love to see some bank apps
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    What will an app give you that the browser doesn't?
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    Wells Fargo Mobile is available in the app catalog.
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    Unless there's significant market penetration, it's not really worth their investment given the level of functionality available in the browser.

    You might get a more relevant response from your bank however.
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    The bank apps are at Pendleton Community Bank.

    Seriously, any bank "apps" I've seen have been just web wrappers anyways.
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    I can see the use of a bank app on a phone where site navigation might be troublesome (I know my credit unions can be a pain, but then again they are local and wouldn't have apps anyways). On the TouchPad I have the same experience as in a browser on a PC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclevanya View Post
    Wells Fargo Mobile is available in the app catalog.
    I can't find Wells Fargo Mobile in the catalogue
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    I haven't seen the wells fargo app anymore-

    perhaps it got pulled...or maybe is not available for 2.x and beyond devices?
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    made a bookmark to their web site
    log in
    works like a charm
    like banking better using the TP than my main computer
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    #10 doesn't work with the TouchPad if you use SitePass because its a Flash web app.

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