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    still no true and easy to setup VOIP app for the touchpad's webOS that will allow you to use Google Voice/Talk to receive/make calls via IP instead of it being routed through cell phone numbers or Skype. I would love to keep using the OS, but Android's Groove IP seems to be tempting me to move on. I would be nice to get something like this working on webOS.
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    What is groove iP?

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    At the moment, VoIP is still a rather difficult thing to implement, the various APIs that would be necessary (specifically mic access) are apparently not quite ready. It seems pretty doubtful that this sort of thing could be done with the Web App api for it, but maybe somebody who knows that stuff better than I could do it.

    On the other hand, maybe if someone could manage to build Google's "libjingle" as a native plugin, it oculd be interfaced. I just do not have any idea how to go about doing something like that.
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    I would give my left you know what to get this working on my TP, even my pre3 would be good.... I wish bounties actually worked, I'd give 20 for this.
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    What is groove iP?

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    Groove IP lets you make/receive calls through Google Talk's VOIP calling on an android tablet, and it bypasses using you cell/phone service to make/receive that call so no minutes are ever used. the quantity and quality of apps on android might make me switch sooner than later, but i will give it a few more months time before making that decision.

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