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    Forgive me if my search didn't turn up a recent thread about this, but any word on an app to edit PDFs? I have read the great reviews on picsel smart office but couldn't find anything about that feature. In school, where notes are PDFs and would love to be able to leave the laptop at home!

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    You mean PDF Annotation? No, there is nothing now, nor do I have faith that there will be anything for WebOS. iOS on the other hand has many choices.

    Our only hope lies with Android on the touchpad, and an app called RepliGo. Also I think you can do something with Ubuntu on your TouchPad, but I haven't tried this.
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    I feel this is something that is absolutely necessary for a tablet to have. I'm hoping that someone out there is working on an app for this. There's probably a fair amount of money to be made, I usually don't purchase apps but I'd certainly pay for the ability to edit/annotate pdfs.

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