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    OceanMedia puts out 24 books for HP TouchPad.

    Oceanhouse Media - HP TouchPad | Facebook

    I like green eggs and ham!
    I do!! I like them, Sam-I-am!
    And I would eat them in a boat!
    And I would eat them with a goat..."
    Dr Seuss
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    Hey make your own rhyme or pick one you like from the ones below! If you are one of the lucky ones who got a code, you can make a video and read the story to all of us.

    Here was my rhyme for Dr. Seuss. Below also is the rhyme from the Palm blog


    I would have used Green Eggs and Ham

    I would have fed it to my fish
    I would have dunked it in my dish
    I would have read it to my Rish
    One promo code is all I wished

    Here's the one from the Palm blog:

    November 04, 2011

    The Cat's in the App

    All the news that's fit to tweet --

    on your TouchPad, mighty sweet!

    Sometimes, though, it's kinda tense --

    all these things that don't make sense.

    Euro-debt, and Occupyin',

    climate's awfully tryin'.

    Need a break from dreary news?

    Get a dose of Dr. Seuss!

    (Though I hear the way to voice

    Geisel's name is "Dr. Seuss.")

    Ocean House is bringing apps

    From a time of rhymes, not raps.

    Cats in hats and ABCs...

    (Surely you remember these?)

    Need an app that really rocks?

    How about a socks-clad fox?

    Sneetches, Lorax, Grinches too

    and some fishes red and blue.

    Look! Some bears from Berenstain!

    Little Critter for your brain.

    Some on sale, some full price --

    Get them all -- that’s my advice.

    If you'd like Green Eggs and Ham

    here's an offer (but not spam):

    Get it now for two nine nine

    if you download it in time.

    For a few who act right now:

    Get it free -- I’ll tell you how.

    Check the promo codes below;

    they’ll be gone if you’re too slow.

    Enter carefully each digit;

    this is not a time to fidget.

    Read the message from our lawyer.

    (Not as gripping as "Tom Sawyer.”)

    More is coming out next week.

    If you'd like to get a peek,

    find what won't fit in this blog:

    Visit your App Catalog!

    The Official HP Palm Blog
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