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    I'm having a problem with my TouchPad Calendar and didn't notice anyone else mentioning this anywhere. Anytime I pull up the Calendar, the "day view" automatically shows 2am to 10am. So I always have to scroll down (every page when swiping to look over calendar appts) to be able to see appointments that are during hours normal people make appointments. Any ideas?

    Also - is there any way to speed up the calendar other than overclocking and such (which I do)? It's the slowest App on the TP with possibly the exception of the App Catalog, which has come along in the last 2 updates. Thanks!

    16GB TouchPad and Pre3 both latest updates (I check daily)
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    I'm identifying that this seems to be more of a problem with UberCalendar. I uninstalled Uber and the app isn't near as slow as it was (although it's still bad). It has stopped defaulting to 2am-10am as well. Too bad...I like the functionality of it. I don't know why I didn't think to remove that sooner, though. Has anyone figured out a way to speed up that crazy slow app? It seems like it doesn't keep ANY of the calendar info in it's memory and accesses the web for only the day it's displaying. Pre3 doesn't have that problem and my pre- was way faster on the calendar app.

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