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    I have a Pre3 and my wife has a Pre- (metadoctored to 2.1). We both have problems opening spreadsheets from Google Docs in QuickOffice. When clicking on a spreadsheet, the error message is "Error - Could not open the selected document".

    This happens for most documents - a few work OK, but there is no obvious pattern. I've not noticed this problem with opening from email attachments or from the device's own local storage.

    Any suggestions?
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    anyone; anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiregrain View Post
    anyone; anyone?
    Same problem. The connection problems are continuoous but I have notices that SOME excel files open. Maybe real .xls o .xlsx files uploaded work but sheets created online (probably in google' format) dont work?
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    I've had many issues with Spreadsheet files not opening in Quick Office, and they were not from Google Docs, and I've never been able to any pattern either. Too bad it doesn't say why it won't open; only that it wont. It has the same problem with PDF files too. That's the main reason I didn't purchase it. It has to work as a demo first.

    Wish I could be more help...


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