After a frustrating year of trying to get my calendar and my wife's syncing together (we both have Pre's and Touchpads), I've decided that you get what you pay for, at least with Google.

We both have Google Calendar accounts and Microsoft Outlook accounts. I thought it would be great to have them connected so that we can both see each other's schedules. It worked pretty well for a few months, but now events are missing and in the past two days it has changed my wife's calendar color randomly.

It seems that after three months, regularly scheduled events ("Every Tuesday at 11:00") disappear and have to be re-entered. Also, events that I have planned for 6 months from now don't show up.

What other options are available for multiple calendar syncing? I tried the free solution (Google Calendar), but obviously it has issues. Does Missing Sync provide accurate and eternal dates? Will it allow me to combine multiple calendars?

What other programs would you suggest?