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    ...for weight training / progress tracking. Not gps tracking.

    It's fortunate that Fitocracy exists, because it's great compared to what's available natively. I can add exercises right from the mobile web browser. The site has a great interface with autocomplete to keep exercise names, reps, weight, time, distance, etc organized. It also makes it easy to view my history for any given exercise. I can also view my history or add workouts to Fitocracy on their desktop website, which obviously syncs.

    The web app is a little janky in the Pre2's browser, I'm not sure who's fault that is. Even with the small amount of weirdness, it's miles ahead what else is out there.

    The unfortunate part is that there aren't great options for workout tracking on WebOS. I've tried a couple apps, they're buggy, have awkward interfaces, or do weird stuff like only let you use a predefined set of exercises. If a machine is next on your list but someone at the gym is using it, you're out of luck if you use one of the apps available. Like I said, weird.

    Anyway, just thought people would want to know about Fitocracy. I don't work for them or anything. I'm just glad I found it, since this functionality working well is super important for me. I have invites if people want them!

    Here's a screenshot, but it looks kind of weird for some reason.

    Join the Fitocracy
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