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    After completing all the levels in Quell and most of the level in Quell Reflect, I decided to start over completing all levels with perfect scores. I am most of the way done and I have beaten a number of levels in fewer moves than what is considered perfect play (e.g. "Better than us" award) and it has me wondering. Is there a web site/source where I can find the minimum moves solvable for each level to give me something to strive for?

    On most of the early levels I moved on as soon as I got a perfect score, but I almost feel I need to go back to a few of them to try and beat the perfect score now that I know there are in fact additional solutions.

    As a teaser for other Quell fanatics, I can confirm that there is 1 level that can be completed in 9 moves under perfect.
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    There are 7 I know of.that can be bettered: 2 in Quell and 5 in Quell Reflect.
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    Ah yes... Quell... haven't played that for a while. Think I got stuck on one level on Reflect and I gave up.
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    Try the Quell Facebook page. I heard they posted solutions on there.

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