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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    another review
    "I could not see the bottom-of-the-page ribbon that is described in the help files. This includes the "scrapbook." Didn't see this at all! Perhaps the formatting options in the bottom ribbon will allow double spacing and other things?

    Help, section 3.6 re: tablet Devices: we don't get the "bottom ribbon", instead, double tapping brings out a floating ribbon with text editing. No scrapbook, apparently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by astark View Post
    For those of you who are running Android... The Amazon free app today is Officesuite Pro 5, usually a $15.00 app, which I think you might find superior.
    Thanks. I'm not feeling the "superior" nature of this other app as it is running on Android and not webOS, which is my choice as a "superior" platform. But thanks anyway for trying.
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    Pros : very fluid
    Loads the entire document in memory and then displays.
    Support for dropbox and googledocs
    Cons : keeps asking me to link google docs account every time, and fails to authenticate at first go.
    Large PDF files don't load
    Watermarks in PDFs appear in bold letters... Lol I can't read the main text.
    Sometimes even small files don't load with memory full error.
    Haven't been able to open ANY of the spreadsheets on google docs. They were all created in googledocs, not the uploaded ones or converted ones.
    When I zoom all the way down to thumbnail view and select a page the app freezes and I have to just just kill it and reopen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by popologuy View Post
    Also, we don't appear able to rename/add/delete the main folders, e.g., i owuld like to create a folder that contains my work .pdf files, or image files, or just silly documents i was playing around with.
    It's just showing the actual file system of your device. If you connect your device to your computer, in USB mode, you can make folders, rename folders, etc. Pretty sure you could also use Internalz.

    I have mixed feelings about this approach. Flexibility is good. However you can kind of get lost in irrelevant folders trying to find things. It would be a good compromise to be able to add "favorite" folders to the initial list.
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    someone please turn off your internet and let me know if picsel still works, they are saying no in the other thread.
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    Works here with wireless off.
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    Installed Smart Office two days ago, worked fine. Yesterday at the office (no Wifi) all I got was a red screen. Got home (wifi available), Smart Office worked. After testing some more, basics were no wifi, no Smart Office. I posted a service request with Picsel (no response yet). Today, at the office (no wifi), Smart Office is working. I am confused.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraMav View Post
    Still no spell/grammar check?
    We're not hooked up to Text Assistant in this release. SmartOffice isn't a native application and it does take effort to plumb in all the things we'd like.

    But, we are listening and it's on our list of user feature requests.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VitaminD View Post
    No, not even auto-correct. Shame.
    I replied to Ultramav who had the same feedback - We're not hooked up to Text Assistant in this release. SmartOffice isn't a native application and it does take effort to plumb in all the things we'd like.

    But, we are listening and it's on our list of user feature requests.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozpeter View Post
    Yeah, as stated in the other thread, I'm having enough difficulties with this that I suggest holding back while early adopters resolve whether the problems are due to user ineptitude or to bugs / missing features. For instance the word wrap problem can't really be a bug - I mean, they couldn't release it like that, so it must be something I'm doing - I hope....!
    We're looking into the word wrap issue you raised
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    Quote Originally Posted by Picsel UK View Post
    We're not hooked up to Text Assistant in this release. SmartOffice isn't a native application and it does take effort to plumb in all the things we'd like.

    But, we are listening and it's on our list of user feature requests.
    Great to hear and great to see you guys join this forum!!
    First of all thanks a lot for porting the app to webOS!!! I bought it right away when it was released.

    I assume that supporting webOS native copy/paste is similar as with text assist. I have actually no clue whether it is possible to hook (hybrid) PDK apps up with the native webOS clipboard is it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozpeter View Post
    My current review as mentioned in the other thread - PDFs work well (in quick testing) but document editing and creation is very poor, much less usable than QuickOffice. Can't preselect fonts and sizes, word wrap broken, private copy/paste buffer than prevents copying from any source other than within the current document.

    Comments subject to someone telling me I'm doing it wrong!
    Thanks for your feedback. We're investigating the word wrap issue you've raised. In terms of usability, no you can't pre select your font but on the other hand you can easily change the font after you've typed. We do offer a wider range of formatting options (more font styles, etc) than webos users may be used to.

    I respect your comment though and it's something our usability people can revisit.

    Re. copy/paste - access to the system clipboard requires more engineering effort on our part. It's on our list

    Thanks again for your feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DS_Palm_Lvr View Post
    I have a really simple .docx that opens on my Pre 2 and on my Touchpad with no problem in Quickoffice, but Picsel opens it as a blank page. So, the Word part isn't perfect. But I like the general interface, even if it's not Enyo.
    Hi. Odd that the document isn't rendering in SmartOffice. Could you contact support-webos @ and attach the file if possible?
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    Quote Originally Posted by klx300r View Post
    can you insert pictures Into a Word document?
    it's a feature we're working on
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    Picsel - thanks for your work on this app, and especially for coming here to hear our feedback and communicate with us. It is much appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    does picsel support docx? Older word processors including MS suites need to be patched for docx support... Even enterprise software.
    Yes, we support:
    - Word, PowerPoint and Excel 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 (viewing and editing);
    - Adobe Acrobat PDF (viewing);
    - JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP images (viewing);
    - Vector WMF and EMF diagrams (viewing).
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    Quote Originally Posted by guinny1759 View Post
    Just purchased it, and it's a mixed bag IMO.

    The Google Docs linking doesn't work, and it crawls on large, graphic intensive PDF's, like textbooks (memory errors). Overall, the program is fast and quick at working with most documents, and with smaller, mostly text PDF's, it's much, much better than QO as a PDF viewer for text, but the broken Google Docs and crawling on some large textbooks is a bit of a bummer ATM.
    Thanks for letting us know about your Google docs issue. It's logged and we'll working on resolving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by champiful View Post
    Can this be set to the native app viewer? Example, clicking on an excel spreadsheet attachment in an email. I have QO at the moment. If I install this can I set picsel as default or will I have to download it first and open the file from the picsel app?
    At the moment you are not able to set SmartOffice as the default viewer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    Another user fro the other picsel thread said this:


    "I just did this test -

    Open Gmail, copy a bit of an email I'd received.

    Go to SmartOffice, open an existing document, bring up the copy paste options, paste is greyed out (nothing to paste).

    Copied a bit of that SmartOffice page and paste then lights up, allowing that second bit of copy to be pasted.

    Then opened QuickOffice, paste is available there, and when pasted the original bit of text from the email was pasted in.

    Conclusion - copy/paste in SmartOffice is private to Smartoffice and I think is private per document even (thus no copy paste between docs even within SmartOffice .

    And another thing - QuickOffice supports the Bluetooth keyboard arrow keys, SmartOffice does not, which is a pain""

    And another one
    "I bought it just for the PDF reader and here is what I've found so far:


    -Can actually zoom in quickly and the text looks good.
    -Doesn't flatten directories so you can actually organize documents


    -It seems the app doesn't bother to check for rotation lock
    -A 120-page document prompts an out of memory error, but the document displays anyway
    -Needs set viewing modes (1-page/2-page side by side) and a fit-to-screen button
    -Jump to page # feature would be nice
    -Weird interface"

    I replied to ozpeter here, which mentions copy paste:

    Re. User guide - SmartOffice UI adapts to tablet devices and smartphones - the images in the guide are in some instances are smartphone screen shots, which have a bottom ribbon. All of the buttons are in the top ribbon on the tablet version (scrapbook is smartphone only).

    re. BT keyboard - we're aware and working on it.

    re. PDF, thanks for your feedback. re. 2 pages side by side, you can do this with SmartOffice. The N-UP feature allows you to pinch zoom out and see multiple pages on screen.

    Thanks again for your feedback!
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardfrank View Post
    Yup - just opened one flawlessly...

    ...however I had to save it to my device from the email it was attached to first, then open it in SmartOffice which is a tad annoying.

    The question of how we make this the default handler for various filetypes is a biggie for me?
    You can't set us as the default viewer at the moment
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