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    Hi guys, currently I am owning an HP touchpad and experiencing a weird bug with manga reader HD.

    The bug occurs if you downloaded one or all chapters in a manga. After that, you can't see the new updated chapter anymore ( after manga reader update).

    Example: Good-Ending: I downloaded chap 96 and 97,few days later Good Ending updated with new chapters.
    But no matter what I tried I can't find 4 newly updated chapter!!!
    It happens with other mangas in which I happened downloading one/all chapters.

    When I re-installed it, mangareader HD data of previous use got wiped out, completely new and I can see the new chapter now (yay-fingers cross). But when I check through folder by Internalz, all my downloaded chapters are still there...confusing, so I need to re-download again?

    Just ask to see whether it is just my touchpad or other user experience this weird bug too?
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    Started seeing this too. Today it told me bakuman updated but it won't show it to me. The chapter list says 153 chapters but you can only select up to chapter 152.
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    Just updated Mangareader and the problem is still there... they disappointed me.
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    Anyone else have the issue with 3.0.5 where manga just wont load? Tried to make contact via their website but haven't heard back.

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