I'm trying to set up my TP to use as a remote desktop solution. Not allowed to install anything on my work pc. Right now, I use my laptop PC using IE to connect to a website that validates me (requires an RSA token generated from a keyring), which then opens a plugin that acts as a RDP client.

I also can VPN into my work network, using some software that also requires my RSA token. It tends to hide the server settings from me.

I have 3.04, a few proxy programs, and Remote Desktop Client. So in theory, things should work, if i have the correct settings.

My assumption at this point is I have to first set up VPN, get into the network, then my RDP should work. And if there are issues, the Proxy apps should address them.

First issue: the connection type for VPN. VPNC as for group id/secret/domain. I don't have nor use those in my VPN client on my laptop. Likewise, missing settings for Cisco. So PPT is correct protocall? That just asks me for id/pword/domain, no option to put in the token.

Once I'm in, I probably can use RDP (I know my desktop IP address or name).

Any help on what settings I should ask for?