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    So I have been looking all over the place trying to get the touchpad to tether with my LG revolution without getting raped by Verizon. Any one has been able to figure this out yet?

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    If the carrier is blocking it then there's not much you can do. I have T-mobile and can tether my Mytouch flawlessly. The only option would be to root your phone, run a custom ROM, and use a third party tethering app.
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    Well I have pdanet which allows me to tether via Bluetooth but that's not working. Not with the touchpad anyways. Works with other items around the house

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    I am, therefore I think
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    Quote Originally Posted by clayclay350 View Post
    jeez...maybe I read too little on that link but seems like you have to make your webOS touchpad dual boot to android(which why someone would do that on such a nice OS already) and then after that load the tether program just to set up a wifi hotspot from your android phone?? Id just get a HP/Palm Device and run either "Mytether" app or the "freetether" app available thru homebrew.
    Why Im posting here also was that im having a similar issue with a android phone(namely the HTC droid incredible2) where i cant find a tether application in the droid market place that works without rooting since right now if you have this new htc droid incredible2 model . the update to the system(2.3.4) has disabled rooting and prevents third party applications like freetether from working
    any suggestions would help
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    EasyTether works on non-rooted devices. If your carrier has blocked it on google Market, you can get it at Amazon's Android App Store.

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