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    I just stumbled upon an awesome free game called Leodarts in the App Catalogue where we all can get some revenge on Mr. Apotheker for tanking our favorite company, OS and beloved devices. How you ask? By throwing darts at pictures of his mug...sweet!

    This game will go down as a Cult Classic I'm sure. Huge kudos to FXSpec06 for creating this game. If Meg falters, maybe he'll add her to the firing range too - only time will tell.

    To get this game, go to the App Catalogue and search for Leodarts and then install. Fire away!
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    amazed it got through the HP approval process needs to be more such games to aquire cult following status, gief series of apotheker themed games, take classics like yeti sports (batting the pingu for miles) etc and change the main character to apotheker.


    Apotheker Sports (Yeti sports)
    Apothekerman (Bowman 1/2)
    HP Pandemic (Pandemic 1/2) (change virus to webOS/HP Self Assassination Techniques)
    Plants vs Apotheker (change all zombies to apotheker)

    etc etc, you get the idea.
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    I suspect some webos platform devs to have created this app in their free time to evacuate their anger !
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    this was fun to make =)

    took me a solid 5 hours. give or take a min or two
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    make more, i think its safe to say no1 here will grow bored of doing "things" to leo when were bored.

    in fact try LeoDarts 2, make leo the actual dart being thrown at a real dartboard and have his head stick to the board.
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    Is there any way we can make this the #1 app? Then get press (probably HP stokeholders would agree, and press jump on this sort of thing).
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    Someone should port Bin Laden Liquors over and replace Bin Laden with Leo.
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    I'd like to see an angrybirdish version...angry monkeys... where monkeys toss poo, and we can insert the picture of our choosing.
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