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    I understand that the Kalemsoft player is not a free app. However I just playing on my TP and clicked download in Preware and it got installed on my TP! I had assumed that it would ask me for my credit card information or something and that I would just exit from Preware without downloading. But it just downloaded and got installed on my TP.

    Would my credit card have been charged now? I am assuming they will get my credit card info from my HP App Catalog details. I really didn't want the app, and I especially didn't want to pay for one.

    Can somebody tell me what is going on and who I can contact regarding this? I will uninstall the app right away if they can assure me that I have not been charged for it.
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    I believe the one you downloaded is a trial. It will stop working after a couple days/weeks.
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    My understanding is that homebrew version was beta, I believe it has a time limit.
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    Yes, you just get a trial/time limited use version as I found out. Eventually it will stop working unless you purchase it. I don't recall seeing a notice that it would do this anywhere, but I may have overlooked it. Still bought it for my TP.

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