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    I just downloaded an app that is new to me, called "Just Translator". I haven't found any information on this app, other than reading some reviews listed with it in the App Catalog. I'm running a VZW Palm Pre+ with v. webOS.

    I love the idea that it is designed to speak the text, but I don't think it is working. First of all, it is too quiet to really hear, and second of all, it sounds pretty much like static. I found an email contact in the "Help" menu of the app, but I wondered about how other PreCentral folks have fared with this app. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the audio feature work better? Perhaps there are some performance patches in Preware?
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    Please try increase the music volume. I tested on Pixi, Veer and Pre3. The sound of Pixi 1.4.5 device is really low.

    cannot find ways to increase that.

    anyone has ideas?

    BTW: I upgraded it to V1.0.6. It's on the way to App Catalog.

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