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    There are new options in the WiFi settings! You can specifically configure WEP, WPA, And Enterprise settings in 3.0.4. I did not remember seeing this in the release notes.

    Very nice.
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    I am not seeing that
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    I think you have to get the PPTP VPN app to see those options
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    I am also eeing those options after updating to webOS 3.0.4. The WiFi option to select specific types of WPA2 EAP extensions is the one thing that has been holding my TouchPad back from being super useful.

    For anyone else struggling to connect to WiFi at a Penn State campus (or maybe just University Park specifically), get the 3.0.4 update and you will be able to connect to the wireless 2.0 infrastructure (SSID = PSU)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcorbo View Post
    I think you have to get the PPTP VPN app to see those options
    Nope. This is bone stock 3.0.4. Not even preware. I saw these immediately after updating. (Looks like the Cisco Anywhere Connect has been updated with new protocols as well.)
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    Thanks, I'll have to try this out.

    This is the one thing I have been upset with Webos for, not being able to connect to the wireless network at work. I'll have to see if this addresses that issue, if so I will be super happy.

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    These options come up when you choose "Enterprise" for Network Security, then choose the 802.1x Authentication Type. Pretty nice!

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