Hey all... Just wanted to announce "Power Lines", a game I just released to the Catalog.

Its a 2-4 player multiplayer game where you go head to head with other people, all on one device. Each player guides their curving Power Line as it leaves a trail behind. Force your opponents to crash into the outside wall or other Lines before you do. The last player alive gets one point. First to three points wins.

The controls are easy to pick up (just turn left and right) and the rounds are short, so it is perfect for a group to just pick up and play. Each round gets tense as the screen fills up with the Power Lines and you must navigate the twisting pathways that emerge from the trails left behind. Each trail has gaps in it, so there is always the chance for a dramatic comeback!

Power Lines is available for all current webOS devices (TouchPad and phones). The link to Power Lines in the App Catalog is in my sig below... Enjoy! I know my family and friends have...

There's a giveaway being run with promo codes over here!

The first screenshot shows a round just as it is starting, so there is lots of room to move. And, the second shows the complex pathways that have emerged as the round progresses. (Screenshots taken on a TouchPad, but phones are similar, without the on-screen buttons)