Three words describe it... Simple Addictive Fun! Like anagrams? You'll love Anagramarama. The aim is to find as many words as possible in the time available. 7 letters will be displayed and you have to figure out all the different combinations of letter that make up words which are 3 to 7 letters long. If you get stumped you can click the shuffle button to rearrange the order of the letters to help you see words you may have missed. You can type words either by tapping the letters on the screen or using the keyboard. Input a correct word and it will alert you will a pleasant noise and display the word in the solution section. If your put in a made up word you will be alerted by a not so pleasant noise. You will have 5 min. to enter as many words as possible. There is also the option to end the game and solve all the remaining unentered solutions as well as the ability to start a new game if some one interrupts you in the middle of a game.

The Following Versions have been Published and are available in the App Catalog for you to enjoy!

Paid Tablet Version:
Anagramarama HD

Free Tablet Demo Version:
Anagramarama HD Demo

Paid Phone Version:

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