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    Forgive me if there's already a thread for this as I attempted to search for an existing one, but is anyone else running out of visible space when entering Facebook comments on the Touchpad? This is using the Facebook application, not using the browser.

    While typing a longer than normal comment on an existing post, eventually I begin typing where the comment box is no longer visible and under the virtual keyboard. I have to keep going back and forth to make sure what I'm typing is what's being entered by constantly toggling the keyboard which is really becoming an annoyance. I guess I don't have full confidence in my typing abilities nor ready to trust the spelling correction capabilities built into Enyo (although it's pretty darn good ).

    I would expect for the app to automatically expand the textbox or at the very least make sure I can see what I'm typing. In no instance should I ever lose visibility to the area where I'm typing so I'm wondering if this is an app problem or is this something within Enyo with the textbox control?

    I'd be interested to see if this has been an annoyance for others and if it's already been discussed somewhere else. I really do enjoy using this app, but I tend to not use it for commenting on others posts unless I know it's quick worded!

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    Not sure if it's already been discussed (very possible) but yes, this is an annoyance that also existed in the early versions of the Pre Facebook app. Hopefully the WebOS HP engineers will update their Facebook app and address this issue.
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