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    I haven't used the app in about a month, but now I can't see my sport (NFL), the mySports tab/page shows options from the other tabs and I can't add any more sports. Also, I'm sign into my ESPN account, but when I choose to sign out it doesn't work. I also tried reinstalling the app. I've only installed a few app updates since including (Bing) Maps and FileMgr. Anyone else have this going on?

    Update: When attempting to add a team I get "Error: Server is not responding, please try again later."
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    I'm having similar issues with this app. I bought a used Pre2 to "franken", and I think the original owner's username somehow persisted. I'm unable to sign out of his account and into my own. I've considered changing his teams, but that wouldn't be nice to him at all, since the settings would change on as well.

    I've tried using Internalz to find and delete the app data, but I can't seem to track it down. Any ideas?
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