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    Just to let everyone know that the latest 3.0.4 fixed most of the problems that affected skype video calling.

    The blurrynes and slow refresh rate issues are now fixed, the video feed is now fluid and crisp.
    The black screen problems where the other's end video feed stopped working is fixed too.
    Mic performance appears to have improved too, this wasn't much of an issue but it works better now.
    Finally the volume limit has been raised, this is a global thing and works with other apps too.
    All of this combined makes for a good video calling experience, it is not by any means HD but... wow, much better now.

    TLDR, skype videocalling has gone from useless to quite good.

    BTW, my testing was done with international calls, downstream of 2mbps and upstream of 512kbps (on my end). Dont know if a better connection will result on further improvement.
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    Too bad I don't know anyone who has/uses skype lol. Maybe someday I'll get to try it.
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    thanks & will try it out myself this weekend :-)
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    So as a new user, how do I download the latest version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by isadore2600 View Post
    So as a new user, how do I download the latest version?
    Skype latest 'version' (for Touchpad) comes in with HP WebOS latest OTA Update V.3.0.4... if that's what you mean?

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