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    I would love some German-language kids apps.
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    Yes you can, you need to use impostah to do it. What you need to do is:

    (WARNING, you are changing the palm profile on your device, I did this to get the kindle app and it worked fine, but you may not be able to get back onto your original, you should though, but there is a tiny,tiny chance it may bork, but thats not happened to any one I've heard of!)

    Get preware on your device(you've probably already got it)
    Download impostah
    Open it and go to activation
    Choose whatever country you want (Germany in your case), whatever kanguage you want(probably German), an email address that you haven't used on your other profile, and a password), then click create profile.
    When that profile is created open the store and choose your country(Germany)
    (You might need to restart somewhere around here to get the catalogue to work)
    Download your German apps
    Now go back to impostah, open activation, select your original country, your original language, and your original email and your original password
    Click LOG IN, not create
    You might need to restart the device to get back into the app catalogue without an error
    Touchpad 16GB 3.0.5
    Pre 2 2.2.4
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    will the app still automatically update if you switch to another country to get it, and then switch back to the original country you are in?
    or would i have to keep switching back and forth?
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    that didn't seem to work
    it just tells me to try the app catalogue again later
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    Is that after you've changed your language to German? If so you might need to restart the device, and that will solve your problem.
    Touchpad 16GB 3.0.5
    Pre 2 2.2.4
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    okay, the restart worked I think. The prices are in € euros, but everything is still in English.

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