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    It's just random stories with product placements.

    I had an important business meeting two towns over, I was driving in an unfamiliar part of town when my car broke down. All was lost, except I had remembered to download 'Taxi Taxi' by MarvsApps for free using the HP App Catalog. Now I can easily pull-over any taxi. I arrived at my meeting early, which meant I had time to figure out a way home. Luckily I used 'TrainTimes' by Mobile Commerce LTD for (3.99). I quickly found a train to get me home. I was now well into my meeting, when someone started choked on a biscotti. Good 'old HP App Catalog saves the day again, with 'Home First Aid Course' by Follow Instinct (1.83) it was soo easy to use and very informative, the biscotti was dislodged and we decided to call it a day.

    On the train back home, I killed time with Roxios classic 'Angry Birds HD' which is free on the HP App Catalog. When I got home, I had a great story to tell the children, whilst we watch videos using Warner Bros VOD (free).
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    Give those guys a break. Some of the stories are good.
    Also they thought they had a year long contract from HP and now who knows what they have.
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    Aston Martins are awful. Drove the V8 Vantage and hated it, very confusing character, too harsh to be a grand tourer, too soft to be a sports car, and had the remote from my dad's Volvo.

    I'll take an 911 over it any day.

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