Sorry in advance if this topic has been beaten like a dead horse but upon browsing threads I did t see any. Mods feel free to merge please.

I have always been hesitant to have an app on my phone or tablet for managing passwords, but I think I am willing to try it for many of my less important things like WiFi networks and non financial login stuff.

I am looking for an app that I can buy once, and it will run on both my touchpad and pre3, unless the one for the touchpad only runs in emulation then I don't mind buying a separate tablet version, maybe. I am looking for advice and have questions.

- do the password keepers synchronize between devices or store passwords that can be recovered if I doctor my device?

- is copy and paste supported (or advised, or advised against?)

- which ones should I consider and which to avoid? I've been looking at secustore.

- anything free worth looking at?

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