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    clicking the links does nothing. Is there something I am doing? Are others noticing this?
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    I've noticed this too. I have a launcher shortcut to Precentral's web because of it. I like the app look but I have found several things don't work. I switch between the app and the web site depending on what I'm doing.
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    Works good using web launcher shortcut, so good that I did not download app.
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    They are occuring (using your bandwidth, logging on their server), you just can't see them.

    I'm pretty sure it's because this forum adds
    to each external hyperlink and the app doesn't strip them out.
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    yes I realized this too. The page is opening but I can't see them. Do i need to write to the app developer? Have any of you already?
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    Hi, I'm the dev of this app, how can I fix the target "_blank" with a webview ?

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