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    This can be simple or incredibly difficult to implement depending on how WebOS works. I've seen a lot of people having problems with the lack of a mouse feature when web browsing on the Touchpad. Some websites have pull-down menus that only shows when you hover the mouse cursor over it.

    1) I'm wondering if someone could make a simple Mouse app that would add a mouse cursor and move it to where the user taps on the screen but does not necessarily make a left click on it.

    2) The lower portion of the screen could have 2 rectangular areas slightly opaque (but still transparent) reserved for left click and right click buttons as you would normally see on a laptop touchpad.

    3) Current functions should retain: dragging with 1 finger should scroll the screen as normal and zooming in/out should zoom as normal.

    4) The Mouse app should be toggled on and off easily such as a swiping down gesture (I don't think any app utilizes this gesture yet and shouldn't conflict).

    If it can be easily created and charged for a small fee, I think a lot of people could utilize it as part of their web browsing experience.
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