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    now that apple has their own official app?
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    Actually, lately, there were other new features of Facebook introduced such as the privacy settings. It will shun people from exposing their profiles publicly to hackers. Moreover, another feature is planning to be introduced. This is the Facebook suicide prevention efforts. People who are a danger to themselves might now be documented by buddies and loved ones on Facebook. In partnership with suicide prevention organizations, instant chat help will be offered. That will be great, isn't it?

    With the vast uses of Facebook, no wonder any applications could be possible.
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    Zuckerberg's still a wienie, so I doubt it. Maybe when we get close to the release of Open webOS HP and Facebook will hook up (eww) and make a killer app.

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    totally doubt this will happen, even with openwebos. Ive given up using the app, and just use the browser - it makes for a much better experience.
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