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    I'd like to see an app that will allow you to log blood glucose levels and other important diabetic information. The logs, graphs, etc... should be able to be printed or e-mailed for sharing with a health professional.

    Maybe something like these examples:




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    I've had Type 1 Diabetes since I was 14 and would love an app like this.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    +1 Type 2
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    if you have a pc there is a program for the bayer glucose meters that automatically imports the results from the meter to the program and charts and tracks everything. you can enter food consumed and insulin shot etc etc. really slick and helpful.
    I believe all the meter companies have software that is free. may have to just buy the cable between the pc and the meter. saves alot of work on inputting the data. and gives high times low times etc as well as averages compare past and present.
    totally free cept the cable.
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    For those with type-2 diabetes, please look at the work done by Dr. McDougall and check out his forums - people have been cured and are off meds in less than a month. Please don't stuggle with this disease.

    He also has an hour+ long video on diabetes which will give you a lot of insight. We've known about a cure for close to 100 years! This isn't something that a charity will tell you, only people who truly care about health.

    Good luck!

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