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    (Let me first state that I am not even sure that the parts of the OS that would need to be patched to make this work are even patchable.)

    With the large amount of screen real estate available on the TouchPad, it would be great to be able to display two apps simultaneously side-by-side.

    When invoked, the patch would display two apps... when the TouchPad is in Portrait mode, the two apps would be displayed in Landscape mode, one on top of the other. The resolution of the Touchpad in Portrait mode is 768x1024, so each app would be displayed as 768x512 (minus the top bar). In Landscape mode, the apps would be displayed in Portrait mode, side by side, in a resolution of 512x768 (minus the top bar).

    In card view, instead of showing the current app in the middle of the screen, and the other apps slightly smaller to each side of the center app, when 2up is invoked, two apps would be displayed in card view in the center of the screen, and the other apps to either side of it. This would allow the user to shuffle the cards around to select which two cards to display in maximized, full-screen mode.

    Putting aside whether this is even possible (I think it requires patching Luna), the other things to work out would be how to access each apps menu. Maybe the two app menus could be positioned side by side in the top left corner of the screen where currently the app menus are displayed.

    The other thing to figure out would be how to invoke "2up mode". Maybe the patch could place an icon in the notification area, and tapping on it could toggle "2up mode".
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    have you looked at "Glimpse" in the app catalog?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    have you looked at "Glimpse" in the app catalog?
    I do know about Glimpse. It's interesting, but too limited.

    My patch idea would allow ANY TWO APPS to be displayed side by side. We have the best multitasking OS, let's use it to its full potential!

    Does anyone know at least if this is possible?
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    Dream on...
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopgoat View Post
    Dream on...
    Do you mean that this is not possible? Or, do you mean that the possibility that someone will work on this is zero?

    I would love to hear a bit more of an enlightened response.
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    with webOS going open source, any chance someone might want to look at something like this?
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    I posted a very similar idea to this in the open source enhancements thread a while back- initiated by a two-finger spread on a stack of two cards. It's not achievable until LunaSysMgr gets open-sourced in July, but when that happens I'm planning to give it a shot.

    IIRC the idea I came up with instantly maximised the two stacked cards, but I think your version switching between stack and two-cards-in-one modes is very cool.
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