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    This seems to be a fairly common problem.

    I removed my Facebook account from my Touchpad, but all the albums and photos it synced are still there, with no apparent way to remove them. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    First of all, look on the bright side - you could be trying to use the Facebook app on an iPad, with all its problems.

    BBC News - Users find bugs in Facebook app for iPad

    I remember deleting an album before, and I had to poke around a little bit. Unfortunately, it looks like you have to delete all of the photos/videos in an album before you can delete the album. The good news is that you can select multiple photos/videos and delete them en masse, then when the folder is empty you'll see the option to delete the album.

    ETA: To delete photos/videos, go into an album, then click on the pencil thing on the bottom right. You should be able to select multiple files, then click on the trash can.
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