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    Not for UK either.
    My published and impending WebOS apps -
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    music player remix : qkxht38733mjhee
    paratrooper HD: dvmep12115ahldj
    auction mate pro HD: byztp73960rbnbf
    slice HD: jajww92436vzdqk
    So you can cut copy and paste
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    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Only went for Music Player Remix... one I really wanted!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbrusuelas View Post
    Only went for Music Player Remix... one I really wanted!
    Slice it is a great game. I paid actual money for it.
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    got a few codes with HP receipts to verify but unable to download, software manager has other updates also which are not downloading.
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    Wow, I already own every single one of those.
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    gone! music player and paratrooper...damn slickdeals! Stop posting
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    Auction Mate Pro code still live as of a minute ago. Music Player all sold out.

    Glad I got Auction Mate. I will actually use that one.
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    all dead except auction mate

    Quote Originally Posted by gregcky View Post
    THIS IS DUMB, HP needs to make their apps last all day without a limit, i have only gotten 1 goddamned app from these fcking emails, seriously they need to change it, it's not fair that only the slickdeals cave trolls in their moms basements get these ****ing apps.

    blame slickdeals parasites. Once those codes hit there your chances go wayyyyy down
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    Quote Originally Posted by mlkmade View Post
    so much for the every thursday at this is so random..I thought I had it!
    Not really random at all. They have been dropping an email every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 for the past few weeks and then do a blog post on Friday.
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    Hello Precentral Users,

    You know the drill Download these while they are still available. Hope this reaches more users on this forum this time around!

    Music Player (Remix)
    Listen. Music Player (Remix) is the next generation music listening experience on webOS.
    Promo code: qkxht38733mjhee

    Paratrooper HD
    Play. Parachute your troopers to safety with Paratrooper HD! The eagerly awaited classic action game!
    Promo code: dvmep12115ahldj

    Auction Mate Pro
    Bid. Your eBay account at a glance! With AuctionMate Pro for eBay you get instant access to the items in your My eBay page, including search, watch, bid and buy.
    Promo code: byztp73960rbnbf

    Slice It! HD
    Think. Slice it! HD is a puzzle game, where you slice different figures into the same ratio (or surface area). Let's do some brain exercise!
    Promo code: jajww92436vzdqk
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    <Threads Merged>
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    None for the UK yet again.

    never seems to be a problem when I have to buy them
    my support for HP is wearing thin everything for the touchpad seems to be aimed at the American market.
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    yeah, what newletter are you guys signed up for?!? I registered my TP with my existing webos profile, but have never gotten any of these email notices!
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    Me neither, almost seems like they really aren't processing new folks signing up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccx View Post
    all dead except auction mate

    blame slickdeals parasites. Once those codes hit there your chances go wayyyyy down
    lol, how are they parasites? Every code that gets used goes to someone that can use it. It's not like they can be resold or something.
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    I don't get any webos apps newletter either. I get all kinds of spam from HP, but nothing I can use.
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    Auction and paratrooper gone didn't try the others
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    just for future reference,where/how do you enter the promo codes?
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    Go to the app catalog, find the app, go to purchase, sign in with password....
    options will be purchase - enter promo code - cancel....

    oh and copy and paste is a nightmare for some reason as stock, not sure if there is a fix for it?

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