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    So the dev of Podcatcher deluxe and Video Podcatcher Deluxe is looking for some more recent feedback and comments on his apps. He only has access to the emulator and cant work the touchpad directly. He had some issues with getting the app to play the video files within the app itself and resorted (for now) to having it launch the standard webos player. Apps work well and allow autodownloads etc.

    I have been beta testing with him for a while and gotten things in much better shape! The original comments are from when he wasnt able to replicate theproblem in the emulator. I can also say that the next version will play videos in app once the next webos update lands (come on hp....). That update is ready to go and we are just waiting on Hp. Also,filetype support due to webos is still somewhat troublesome, which is ALSO being fixed in the next webos update. So if you are looking for off file types like FLV this still cant do that.

    So I have 10 codes each (podcatcher deluxe and Video podcatcher deluxe, both by Kevin Haussman). If you agree to leave constructive feedback and comments in the app catalog on the apps then I can hand out some codes for you. PM me if you are interested
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    I sent you a PM a couple days ago & haven't heard back yet. Did the PM go through?

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