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    I have the Redboxed app on my Pre and use it all the time. However, I can't find it in the TP app catalog or anywhere else for that matter. Has it been discontinued? I think this is the only app that didn't download to my TP from my Palm profile.

    edit: Corrected title to Reboxed.
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    The app is actually called Reboxed and it is available for Touchpad (I downloaded it last night). It doesn't look like much effort was put into the app to make it more Touchpad-friendly. It looks pretty much like it does on the Pre, but scaled up to accomdate the Touchpad's larger screen.

    One omission that is still present in the app is the lack of support for searching kiosks that have game rentals.

    I wrote the developer about this some time ago and never received a reply back.
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    It JUST became available for TouchPad last night. If you own the phone version, TouchPad version is free. Be sure to leave the dev a great review as thanks for porting to TouchPad.
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    Holy cr*p! I own it and still didn't realize I was misspelling the name in the catalog search. Thanks for pointing this out.

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