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    hey I just received my new hp touchpad. I was mainly looking for an app where I can use a stylus to take notes in class.

    Any other college related apps. plz do!
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    I use QuickOffice and EXTENSIVELY! Splashtop remote desktop is also awesome if you have a computer to connect to. I was taking notes using the remote desktop client from my wife's macbook the other day using Microsoft Office 2011 on the Touchpad (with the bluetooth keyboard, of course) and it was WORLDS better than using QuickOffice!
    FS: 32gb Touchpad with HP Folio Case, HP Touchstone Charger, and HP Bluetooth Keyboard. $SOLD Thank you for your PM's and interest.
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    i need something to use in class to take notes using a stylus..does a stylus work with quickoffice?
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    Obviously not unless you wish to use the virtual keyboard with a stylus. We do need an app like 'Notes+' like on my old iPad, because that was brilliant. You could record lectures, type, draw, it could recognize various gestures, turn your dreadful square into a perfect one and more. But, for now I have returned to using books, and surprisingly like it better which is odd...
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    all I need is an app that I can use to take notes using a stylus..thats all I want everything else no

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    You could use Just Draw and write the notes and save them in the app.

    It doesn't have a very large area, so you'd have to save and open a new file pretty frequently.

    It wouldn't be ideal, but it's the only app I know of that will respond well to the stylus and let you write.

    You might want to look for a web app that will let you write and bookmark it in the browser.
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    Take notes by hand on capacitive screens genuinely sucks. I've given up and mostly gone back to pen and paper, but do occasionally type notes. I bought a stylus with just this in mind and found that adjust wasn't realistic/practical.

    App-wise, has been a life saver and my first experience with cloud computing; I'm not sure how I lived without it. The certificate patch was also infinitely helpful in allowing me tot download docs from blackboard. This week I'm going to look for some electronic organizer solution to replace my paper planner, also.
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    double post. Confounded touchpad!
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    check out nuttypad elsewhere in Precentral forums. Still in Beta I guess, but just might suit your needs.

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