I watch a lot of video podcast in my PC/phone but I'm having problems getting it onto my TP.

This is my first attempt to download and watch day9 videos offline. Before, I was always watching it via the browser (flash). Now I need it offline since I'll be traveling and I might not get wifi over that area.

THe RSS feed is


(for some reason, google chrome gives weird output, try opening it using firefox)

As you can see, under media files, there are 4 different formats. .flv .mp4 .m4v (SD) .m4v (HD)

I've tried using Video Flood HD which works fine but it downloads the .FLV. I can't figure out how to download the .mp4 file instead. I've also tried Glimpse and "RSS Basic Free" but still they all download the .flv. I think it is the default.

If I type the "http://blip.tv/day9tv/rss" in the TP browser, it also gives me gibberish info like in google chrome (but not in Firefox).

I hate to bring this up, but with my wife's iPad, you can just download the video podcast files and watch it offline without any hassle.

Is there a way to download the mp4 format instead?