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    416 here in Sydney.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brum View Post
    416 here in Sydney.
    Which Sydney? The one in Australia?

    The U.S. HP App Catalog now shows 579... so I guess it's an improvement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Hawk View Post
    HP has opened itself up for a false advertising claim. Last I read HP says "thousands of apps designed for the touchpad". Thousands, plural. They also say that they "approve" all apps listed in the app catalog that say "for touchpad" next to them. So, if you are like my cube mate, and bought a few apps that say "for touchpad" that don't work, and you call HP and HP says that they won't refund your money because they didn't write the app themselves....point out to them their quote and demand your money back.
    technically, anything over 1000 would allow for the plural. for example: 1 pound vs 1.2 pounds
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