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I don't usually comment on the apps I've purchased or downloaded for free, but I just started playing today, and even though it's a "freemium", it's still pretty good.

The only things I don't like is that it forces you to have a fb account (which I don't have and probably never will) and not being able to access the other reactors.

I wish there was a way to overclock the Touchpad without using uberkernal or govnah and stuff like that as I would only want to overclock the device to play this game to combat it's lagginess.

Do you guys know of any way to overclock the device for a short period of time and then underlock it back easily?

p.s. my thanks for the Santa Hat tip to whoever posted it
use govnah and uberkernal, but only set it to 1.5 when you are playing. Then set it to default when you're not.

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