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    So, first off, if you want Kindle support for the Pre 3 (or other) be sure to email kindle-feedback [at]

    Second, I've been toying with trying to run the TouchPad Kindle app on the Pre 3 with some very limited success.

    Has anyone else had luck with going down this path?

    Here's how far I get:
    - Login screen loads
    - But when logging in I get a "no internet connection" error
    - Looking into the logs with "palm-log -f" it shows that this is actually due to the Kindle backend API is balking as the hardware ID is being flaged as a non-HP device
    - Using Impostah to use a TouchPad ID doesn't seem to stick when running the app (I've removed and reinstalled the app too)
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    Hope someone can do something with this......?
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    Any progress on this or an alternative solution?
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    This would be nice. Any new developments on this workaround?

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