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    Every single Manga doesn't load. It seems like the source it's pulling from is blocking it? Not an entirely bad thing since I can just view it from the source directly but I do enjoy reading it off the reader.

    Is it broken for you too?
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    Yup, definitely broken. All I get is a white bar after it tries to load the manga. I just sent a support ticket to Crystal Development to let him know. Hopefully it gets fixed.
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    At least the download portion still works - although sometimes the download queue hangs and requires a restart before it can continue.

    Anyone know what the source is for this? Many titles are 3-4 chapters behind and there are a couple cases where the sequel/spin-off titles are available, but not the original one.
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    hey, it looks like changed something on their server to preserve the usage of apps like manga reader hd.

    i will take a look at it later this day!

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    Use mangafox. It's a better source.
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    How about the option to select from various sources...
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    talked to an admin of, images should be up soon.

    Actually the database is designed to store a manga from different sources! I will add this within the next version (or it will be automatically chosen)
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    Works now, thank you very much!

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