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    Figured it out. Tried to apply the PDF goto page patch and screwed up Pxxview.jsjsjs
    Restored to previous. Everything's OK now.

    Original post
    all of a sudden today, Quickoffice refuses to open ppt, pptx, and pdf.

    QO sees the files -- but it's greyed out as if it's not supported. Funny enough, if I filter to only show Presentations, it still shows up but is greyed out.

    If I try to open it by Gemini, QO launches but all I get is a white screen.

    Exploring files in QO, the same behavior occurs for PDFs. They're greyed out despite filtering through, and can't open them. Can't open anything from google docs though.

    HOWEVER, if I launch the adobe app, the PDFs are visible. Furthermore, they launch fine as well.

    What's going on?
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