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    I've put together a tiny Windows utility program to add to Splashtop's functionality particularly for those with a bluetooth keyboard.

    The program provides the following functions from the keyboard -

    Windows key
    Play / Pause media (eg Windows Media Player)
    Page Up
    Page Down
    Browser Forward
    Browser Back
    Open or close favorites/bookmarks
    Copy highlighted area
    paste (ctrl/v)
    undo (ctrl/z)
    highlight next word right
    left arrow x 10 (normally for scrolling a bit left)
    right arrow x 10 (normally for scrolling a bit right)
    up arrow
    left arrow
    right arrow
    down arrow

    To achieve this it is necessary to use two keys per function - the ` key (top left of your keyboard) followed by a key to select the desired function. So for "page up" you press


    and for page down you press


    and so forth. You don't hold down either key, just type first one then the other. It's not ideal but much easier than using the popup keyboard.

    Because the keys you press are sent to the area in focus, if that is editable text (eg a WP document or a data entry box) you'll get those keys appearing in your text - so only use the shortcuts on readable areas, not editable areas. I would also advise against using the copy and paste (etc) functions on files as the results may be unexpected. But for general browsing and suchlike these keyboard shortcuts are very handy.

    There's no installation as such - just put the .exe file in a handy place and run it. You should be able to leave it running all the time unless you regularly use the "`" key, which I think most people don't. To exit either type `q on your PC or the TP, or right click on the tray icon marked with "H".

    The zip file includes the very small .exe file and a pdf listing the shortcuts. Carefully tested under Win7 (but should work on XP and Vista too) - but as I don't know all the possible circumstances of use, I disclaim responsibility for unexpected outcomes.

    Please let me know if you think it could be improved or extended to other functions.
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    This looks great ! Is it possible to do a similar version for mac ? Splashtop still glitchy for mac, keyboard controls would really help. Thanks in advance
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    Thank you for this. I will test it out when I get home! So for the arrow keys I need to push ` then the arrow?
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    Unfortunately I can't do a Mac version myself but if anyone wanted to use my concept to achieve that, go for it!

    Re the arrow keys - think of the ijkm keys as being a four way controller (makes sense when you have the keyboard in front of you). You press ` first then the i key to go up and so forth. Works in a web page or file directory etc but not on editable text (as you will see `i appear in the text). All not ideal but better than nothing.

    I should explain that as Splashtop only sends certain keys to the PC - for instance, not the arrow keys - then you're very limited in how the sending of keys such as page up or page down or arrows can be done. It can only be achieved by having the PC look for certain key sequences, and when it receives them, carry out the required action. Well, technically there's no reason why the "u" key shouldn't be set to give you a page up on its own, but that would mean that at any time you typed a "u" in the normal course of events, you'd suddenly get a page up. You can't use the actual bluetooth keyboard arrow keys as part of the key sequence because Splashtop doesn't pass those keys to the PC under any circumstances.

    Using the ` key as the first key in the two-key sequence is almost the only option. And it's a good choice because it's easily found on the keyboard. Here I've had "TPSplashKeys" running all the time on my PC for a couple of days and there has been no adverse effect when I'm not using Splashtop - as I don't type anything involving the ` key normally. Of course it's in this post a couple of times, but as I type a spacebar after it, the PC ignores it as that's not one of the TPSplashKey sequences.

    It is technically possible to have my program backspace out the key sequence before sending the page up (or whatever) so it could be used on editable text, but the trouble is that if you used that on a web page, backspace takes you back to a previous page, so you'd get a page up on the previously displayed page - not what you want!

    Of course it would be nice if the Splashtop people implemented full bluetooth keyboard functionality in due course, thus making my little utility redundant. Here's hoping. But meanwhile, what I've devised is very handy in many situations in which Splashtop is used, while not stopping you from using the Splashtop popup keyboard for the situations where my utility isn't appropriate.

    Thanks for your interest.
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