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    I just started using the facebook app. A few issues I have found and are there fixes for them?

    1. Can you actually add friends with the app. I tried and touched the add friend icon after finding a friend on search but the icon just blinked but there was no indication of anything happening.

    2. A friend instant messenger me while I was on the facebook app but I was not notified. I only found out when I logged on to facebook on my desktop.there is no indication anywhere on the app at all of who is available for instant messaging or not.

    3. Selecting the hyperlink on someone's comments on the wall for photos brings up a new window with the photo thumbnails at the bottom of the window but no large image on the screen, just a black screen.
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    I the only one with these issues?
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    1. it sends the person a request even though the icon doesnt change

    2. theres no chat in the app. the only way to chat is to use the messages section and that doesnt tell you whos online.

    3. i dont have that problem. photos load fine for me.
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    I can't send messages at all, the screen doesn't load. It loads the screen with the list of message threads on the lesft, but when I try to select one of them nothing happens. The reply button is there but nothing happens when I press it also. I have doctored the tp (was only at 3.0.0 for some reason and said it was up to date) but the issue remains. Any ideas?
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    dont try to use the app for messaging.

    it doesnt do live messaging. it will show you messages, but as you can see, not quite live.

    instead, for facebook chat, use the breakout chat, in a browser window. works great..

    Log In | Facebook

    go to that link, and create a bookmark or a launch icon.

    i created a launch icon, and added it to my launch bar, as well as on my favorites page in the launcher.

    i use it daily.
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    I didn't mean live messaging; it won't show me any messages. facebook mail I mean, nothing.
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    me too. I just use the browser.

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    I don't use the app. Just bookmark in your browser:

    The website is designed by Facebook with Tablet and touch devices in mind.

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