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    Yesterday I used the Foursquare app by Zhephree to check in to many different locations. All worked well, and it was awesome!

    Today, I can't check in anywhere. I can see nearby places, but when I tap on one in the list, the app shows me the glowing golden "loading" crown for minutes and minutes on end. I can see the place page load behind the crown, but I can't select anything. Obviously I can't check in either.

    Only major thing that's changed is I updated to webOS 2.2.3 via the OTA today.

    Can anyone else confirm this problem?
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    same problem here...
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    I tweeted a brief description of the problem to Zhephree on Twitter; hopefully he'll see this thread or see my tweet. In the meantime, it would be great if anyone else with this problem reported it here as well.
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    Same problem here, I haven't been able to check-in foursquare the whole day. Problem persists on both Pre- and Pre3.

    just checked zhepree's tweets and found this:

    Geoff Gauchet
    Just a reminder -- webOS foursquare app isn't loading venues right now. A fixed version is awaiting HP's approval.
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    Same issue here.
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    I think it's an all around Foursquare on webos issue. I have a Pre minus and it stopped working around 5pm CST last night. It shows venues, but when you to check in it just hangs.
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    Zhephree tweeted @webosdev, the following about three hrs ago:
    "Morning, west coasters! Submitted an emergency bug fix for foursquare. Would love to have it pushed through soonish kthx"
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    It seemed to work.....mostly. I have the issue still when checking into any Walgreen's. It may be any place that has a special? Anybody else having this issue?
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    Believe I saw that issue reported on Twitter as well (re: Special locations). Working fine for me on regular locales after the update. Thanks to Zhephree!
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    Seems to be all fixed up. Thanks a plenty!
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    I am having problems again- anyone else? Just getting an error when I try and load Foursquare saying it is unsupported....
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    Works fine for my Pre2 with 2.2.4
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    I should have said I am on Palm Pixi Plus- and get an error message when the app connects to foursquare seemingly saying it is unsupported. Wonder if maybe the new "fix" doesn't work for older versions? I miss it!

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