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    please search before creating new threads. Thanks.

    I actually started to post the new thread before this thread. Unfortunately 'Communities' is useless for posting or editing posts. Atleast my experience has been horrible whenever I try to post using 'Communities'.
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    Anyway to save these to put them on my touchpad latter?

    I dont have access to mine at work?
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    got three , at bat at this point outdated
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    annnnnnnd just bought splashtop 10 hours ago.
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    Thank you...finally got in on the freebies!
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    woot just got home from the grocery store. glad I was quick!

    I had a hunch today!

    btw is there any sort of set pattern these releases are coming out aside from around once a week? do they come on the same days/times? any patterns?
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    I finally scored a free app, hooray! I already have the wonderful Pack'n'Track from years ago. I'll take Splashtop Remote Desktop HD and Animate Pro though!
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    Got the email 20 minutes ago. Managed to get all of them.
    HTC Sensation, HP TouchPad, iPod touch 4th generation ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike5 View Post
    Splashtop Remote Desktop HD is a steal & a great app. I haven't used the others.
    ID-10-T that I am, I paid $9.99 just a couple days ago cause I thought it was worth it. Still do, but feel a bit like a chump, sigh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicoxcx View Post
    go jnto the app catalog, click purchase at the top right corner, put in a password (if you set one up) then click promo code. Set up a debit/credit card if you haven't already.

    I got the animate one, fun toplay with. I was one of the suckers who bought splashtop for 9.99 haha.
    I also bought it for $9.99. Worth it, though. I won't lose a wink of sleep over it.
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    Thank you!! Already bought Splashtop yesterday, but that is ok the app was worth it.
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    Splashtop Remote Desktop HD is now FREEEEEEEEE! (hurry!)

    promo code in your email!

    If not, here it is: Promo code: wulax11125hhtaw
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    At Bat 11
    Play. In time for the playoffs. At Bat 11, the award-winning application, is live baseball every pitch from every at bat.
    Promo code: zuelu59942ykvad

    Pack n Track
    Track. Pack n' Track is a shipment tracking application that supports FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL.
    Promo code: ozpxt62318rfylo

    Animate Pro
    Create. Animate Pro! gives you the power to create, save, share and enjoy your own animations. We provide the canvas, you provide the imagination!
    Promo code: fwkil75866icgev

    Splashtop Remote Desktop HD
    Control. The highest performance remote access app bringing your entire computer to your phone or tablet, featuring full video and audio support!
    Promo code: wulax11125hhtaw
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    I just bought splashtop 2 days ago for $5 but I don't feel bad. Its good I still have the others for free
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    got 'em, thanks. already had splashtop but got the rest
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    Why does HP offer free apps? and on a regular basis? They quit making the TP's, they have to pay the developer for so many units. I don't understand the point of HP promoting it.
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    why are these flipping codes always for the US? What about the UK? Grrr!
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    Thanks for the codes.. Though, now I am more bugged seeing splashtop being given for free........
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    How come I'm not getting these emails from HP? I got the first one, but that's it.
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