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    I'm pleased to annouce version 1.1.0 of UPnP AV Player.

    Whats New in 1.1.0
    - Major Speed Improvements allround
    - App can now be rotated whilst viewing Pictures
    - New Button to add all files in Media Folder to Music Player (for users with upnp servers without the search capability)
    - Folders now show album art
    - Added ability to play transcoded from a server that transcodes to a compatible format

    Fixes in 1.1.0
    - Multilingual Characters in filenames are now supported
    - Fixed Audio Stuttering when playing Audio and Videos
    - Fixed Bluetooth headsets not playing audio
    - Improved memory management when closing video player
    - Fixed Situation where more than one audio file ended up playing
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    Any plans to support other codecs in future versions?
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    This would be agreat app, if only it would support more codecs. Even if just the basic, more common one's, such as wma.
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    I really wonder what's up with the uPNP players, developers of both AV Player and BHome are avoiding the question of other codes and Kalemsoft Media player ignores questions about uPNP client support :/
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    any plans to make this app phone compatible, now as all the phones have enyo too?

    And have you any new plans on inplementing a controller to beam streams from NAS to TV via controller (select media / start / stop) on webOS device, which would be perfectly as remote control in a phone app (Mobile Digital Media Controller (M-DMC))

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    I like how you can add song to what is playing. It would be great to be able to save it all to a playlist.
    Handing off playback to other apps like Kalemsoft, Music remix, Audiophile would be nice.
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    BHome is not quite as nice as UPnP, but it does offer support for launching TouchPlayer to play files that the TouchPad otherwise does not recognize. That would make UPnP a killer app.
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    I like using the UPnP Player as it is the only one that connects to my HP Data Vault streaming with the built-in media server (stated as being 'Windows Media Server').

    It found some files (unfortunately most of them are wmv which is not a supported file format by the HP TouchPad player) but now I'm trying to add some newly saved files to the video server but UPnP AV Player does not refresh its file list and I didn't find any hint or option on how to do that manually. I disconnected and refreshed the server connection but no positive outcome.

    - Are there any more undocumented options like refreshing the lists ?
    - What about a manual ?
    - other codecs would be great as well (the vlc player does all of it w/o messing with the licensing, too)


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