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    Here is the the official thread for Fitness Log.

    Post questions, comments or issues here.

    Version 1.2.1
    - Notes can now be edited properly
    - Fixed issue where List of sets would not scroll properly when any set was opened.
    - minor bug fixes

    Version 1.1
    - New dynamic exercise search makes adding commonly used exercises dead simple. Just start typing and the exercise you are looking for pops up.

    - minor bug fixes

    Version 1.0
    Initial Release
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    I have HP Touchpad 32Gb version and recently purchased and installed copy of Fitness Log via the HP App Catalog.

    I just like to inform that there are a couple of bugs that I have already come across and would like fixed.


    1. When you enter the "&" in the Workout Description Field, it is displayed as "&", for example the Descrption would look like this: "Calves & Quads".

    2. When trying to Edit a workout name or description, unable to save the changes when clicking on "OK" button, only able to "Cancel" after making any modifications hence doesn't save.

    3. If the Workout name is longer than the display feild it wraps around over the top of the description field, hence jumbling up the text over the descriptions which doesn't make for clear reading.

    Enhancement Request:

    1. Please add option to remove or delete Workout

    2. Add the option to order the Workoutsin the order you wish to have workouts presented, for examplehighlight the workout and using a "Move Up or Down" arrows to shunt the workout to its order in the list.

    Kind Regards
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    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for buying Fitness Log and for your bug report.

    I was able to reproduce bug 1 and 3, but not bug 2. If you could give me more info regarding the bug that may be of help.

    Are you able to edit any workouts at all or only certain workouts can not be edited?

    When the edit workout popup shows up is it filled with the existing workout name and description?

    Also you can currently delete a workout if you swipe it to the left or right like in the email app.

    I will look into reordering workouts but it may not be the best idea if a user has a lot of workouts. For instance 20 or more as then it could make it a hassle to find which workout your looking for. I am looking into adding search functionality though as well as a better way to quickly sort through your workouts.

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    Hi John,

    Thanks for looking into this, with regards to bug 2 that I mentioned,

    1. I highlight the Workout and press the pen symbol in the bottom task bar to edit the workout name.

    2. An edit Workout dialog box appears in the middle of the screen. The Name of the Workout and the Description is populated with what I previously typed.

    3. I now insert to the beginning of the workout name 00. or 01. for example:
    If the name of the workout was "Dumbbell Curls" I try and now change it to: "01. Dumbbell Curls"

    (so to alphabettically sort the workout names in the list).

    4. Now after I make the change in the field I click on "OK" in the dialog box.

    5. There is a slight pause, as if the change was accepted, but the dialog box does not disappear, it still remains. If I click "Cancel" the changes are not updated.

    6. Now if i append text to the end of the Name field, for example: "Dumbell Curls" change to "Dumbbell Curls testing" and click OK. The change is successfully saved and the dialog box disappears.

    Hope that helps clarify the bug I am seeing, seems to happen if you try and "pre-Append" text to the name field or the Description field...

    With regards to deleting or removing Workouts - thanks for the pointer, yes dragging the workout off the tablet then prompts me either to delete it or cancel.

    With regards to sorting the workouts, I may then have a missunderstanding on how to use to the product, I would like to sort the workouts in order that I would do the session workout in.

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    oh ok. That helps a lot. Currently you are only allowed to enter numbers, letters and dashes. Therefore entering 01. will not save because the period is not allowed.

    An error message is supposed to show up in red saying you have an invalid workout name, so I will fix that in the next update, but you could use for example the name "01 Dumbbell Curls" without the period and that will save fine.

    In regards to the sorting. The way I designed the app is for "Workouts" to be the name of a workout program, for example "Back Day" or Summer Workout" or "Football Workout".

    Then each time you perform that specific workout you log it in the Log column. That way you can see how many times you performed that workout on what days, time...etc

    Next you enter what exercises you did on that day as part of the workout. Finally with Sets allowing you to keeps track of each set.

    In your case it seems you are putting exercises in the Workouts Column instead of the Exercises column. The exercise column will not sort exercises alphabetically instead it keeps the order that each exercise was entered. I believe it is more important to know what order exercises were performed because doing exercises earlier in your workout lets you do more weight/reps and less later in your workout.

    I will look into adding the ability to rearrange exercise order, seems like a good feature.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks John,

    Makes perfect sence to me know how to use the Fitness Log app!

    Much appretiate the info.

    Just one more bug, and sorry to pick on this app, (there are other apps from the catalogue that I've recently purchased from other vendors which I'm keen to get fixed too seems like word wrapping is a common issue clobbering text fields)..

    Anyway, if you delete each workout, (in my case had to re-do workouts because I incorrectly entered exercise in workouts field, etc,..) you'll find you won't be able to delete the last remaining workout. However once you quit out of Fitness Log app and restart Fitness Log app again the last remaining workout that would not delete is no longer there.

    And last request; Would it be possible to have the option to export the Fitness Log workouts to text file and finally the ability to selectively choose or print all workouts...

    Thanks In Advance
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    I have a question about this app, I'm looking for an app to log my bicycle rides. I can't tell from the screenshots if this will work for me.
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    @Jim sorry for taking long to reply been a little busy.

    Keep the issues and feature requests coming if you find any, I actually appreciate it. I use the app myself weekly to while working out, which helps me to find issues, but there are bugs that allude me. Your input helps make the app better.

    I will look into this bug further. It seems from what you say though that the workout is actually getting deleted internally, but still displays cosmetically. Should be an easy fix for the next update.

    I am also looking at exporting methods for the workouts, but I dont think that it will be in the next update, there are a few new features I am looking to add, But I will keep this thread updated with new features and updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncot View Post
    I have a question about this app, I'm looking for an app to log my bicycle rides. I can't tell from the screenshots if this will work for me.

    The next update should have support for cardio exercises. Right now sets consist of weight, reps and rest. I will be adding the ability to add cardio sets which will consist of duration, distance, and speed.

    let me know if there are any other fields you may find useful.

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    Great app so far. I did notice that the labels (weight, reps and rest) disappear sometimes leaving just the input fields.

    Adding a simple timer would also be pretty awesome.

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    @rhepungus thanks for buying Fitness Log!

    That is weird haven't seen that happen I'll look into it. Thanks for letting me know.

    you know what a timer would be pretty awesome. I could use it when I'm doing planks! I'll see about that in maybe a few updates.

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    letting everyone know there is a new update out should be available soon in the app catalog.
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    For cycling, average speed is a must, temperature and weather conditions would be nice.
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    for average speed is that something you would want computed or you would enter it yourself?
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    Computed would be ideal, but manual entry would be ok.
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    ok, because computed would be impossible since most touchpads do not have a gps and you probably do not take it along with you.

    But I will see what I can come up with maybe a way to select different types of workouts.
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    Wow, thats was dumb of me. I meant calculated as in I enter the time and distance and the average speed is computed, I don't even bother taking my Pre 2 with me on my rides! Sorry
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    Quote Originally Posted by broncot View Post
    Wow, thats was dumb of me. I meant calculated as in I enter the time and distance and the average speed is computed, I don't even bother taking my Pre 2 with me on my rides! Sorry
    oh that makes sense. That is actually dumb of me, because I did not even think to use time and distance, first thing that came to mind was gps.
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    I'd be glad to beta test if you'd like (I will be purchasing the app anyway once cardio is added)
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    I think heart rate avg in the cardio section is important.
    self reported

    CSV export file for analysis
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