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    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know if there is an app to upload images to a hosting site like imgur or imageshack? I frequently find myself wanting a share an image from the TP and have no way to upload.

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    you can upload to Photobucket and Facebook From the photo app, and there is (or was) a Flicker app in the Catalog.
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    I think you can email to imgur
    imgur: the simple imgur blog
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    Thanks guys. Think I'll use the imgur email method for now.

    Hopefully someone with the knowhow will see the need for an app to send to imgur in the future :-)
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    Honestly for image hosting sites, the only disadvantage to sending via email is that it can't hand back a link that you can post right away. Other than that, it is verh easy to upload them. Not all of the sites have public upload APIs, making writing an app a more complicated process.

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